Josephine Sorciere



I acknowledge your willingness to claim authentic brilliance and your highest frequencies.


The Gateway contains unique offerings to discover your Gene Keys and the 64 Facets of Frequency. This profound transmission created by Richard Rudd gives the blueprint of your DNA encoding, what you came here to experience, your shadow and potential.


Josephine Sorciere, The Mystic Sherpa, leads you back to the truth of who you really are, encoding your life to the next level of brilliance. Her Deep Dives for each of the Gene Keys bring the energies alive through contemplation and powerful activations.


The Gateway provides various avenues for you to explore your Blueprint or all Gene Keys. You may like to start the venture on your own, with Josephine or within the Gateway Enclave, an intimate membership group which runs all year. Open your heart and listen to what calls to you.

The Gateway Enclave



Walking the wheel for the second time, starting March 2024, this is an exceptional space to be witnessed through your own transformation and to see others evolve. Great synergy is created when like minded souls find each other.


The majority of 2023 participants are joining in 2024 because they love the exponential evolution. Members are welcome to join at any point during the year for as long as they choose.



You may wish to focus on your own Gene Keys initially and start with the four fundamental Spheres known as the Activation sequence. These form 70% of your energetic Blueprint and are an excellent way to feel the potency of your Soul.


Awaken the potency of your Prime Gifts and release the shadow aspects holding you back, which you may not even be aware of.



To fast track your venture into the world of the Gene Keys, spend an hour with Josephine in session. She will give you the insights, wisdom and activation to make them applicable to the most pressing challenge you are currently experiencing.


You will leave with having a far clear idea on how to utilise your coding as well as the sustainable experience of your gifts. It includes everything in the Birthday Bundle plus the session.

Choose your starting point by listening within. You are welcome to get your Gene Keys bundle or session and then head to the Enclave. All are doorways to awakening your Truth and essence.


Enjoy the journey and I look forward to being your Mystic Sherpa, The Evolutionist.

josephine sorciere