Discover how to find and utilise your DNA Blueprint maps,
igniting your true nature, gifts and genius

The Journey to Discover and Activate Your Codes of Brilliance


In the DNA Blueprints course, discover how to access your own mapping and what insights and actions can lead you to a more powerful, authentic life.


Experience a unique and powerful process of deep self-exploration of one of the 64 Facets of Frequency contained within your DNA.


The course contains a mix of wisdom & insights, contemplations for you to explore and journal, and The Journey – taking you into new realms of higher frequency and possibility.

Seven units of content delivered all on one page, so you can work through it at your own pace. Each unit contains audio, plus a couple of Workbooks for the written questions.


Here’s what to expect:


Unit 1 – Knowing Your Purpose  12″

We all want to know our purpose, yet few really understand what the real meaning of life is. Explore new perspectives to help you evolve and grow, to switch on your unique brilliance. Discover the types of conditioning and resistance that are keeping you from your authentic self.


Unit 2 – DNA Blueprints  15″

Discover the two maps of self-discovery available to help you become the person you’re designed to be. How you can find out what you are coded for – the lessons you are here to learn, and the gifts and potentiality waiting for you to claim. Understand the scale of frequency which gives you insight into your mode of operation. The Cosmos is within you.


Unit 3 – Are you really ready?  13″ & Workbook

Learning theory is insufficient for your own evolvement, it must be embodied and lived. Find out why we must find balance in all aspects of self. Let’s establish your own starting point, to see if you are really ready, willing and able to move into a more expensive self. Have your journal to hand as I take you through a Contemplation, giving you truthful insight into your own potentiality.


Unit 4 – Immersing in the energies  13″

The fastest way for transformation is through the quantum experience of uniting your mind body and soul. Peek into the possibility of how your own activation sequence can light up the path to what you’re really here for, by looking at examples of different gene keys. We will focus on The Discoverer; Find out who this archetype is on the scale of frequency.


Unit 5 – Contemplation of The Discoverer 16″ & Workbook

Following on from the previous episode’s description of The Discoverer, have your journal ready to answer the Questions for Consideration. It’s time to get really clear on the traits you may be blinkered to, and the beliefs that no longer serve you. Open up to a broader perspective of life, see the bigger picture and feel into your openness for possibility.


Unit 6 – The Journey and Activation  19″

It’s time to open up your imagination & visualisation and take a journey over the lands of far-sightedness. Allow your heart to open, as you follow the exploits of our intrepid Discoverer, to activate your own field of potency for a bigger picture of life.


Unit 7 – Summary 8″

A short recap of what you have discovered over the seven days, and encouragement to explore your own mapping and potential, for clarity and direction in your own life. Introduction to The Gateway.

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