Become a member of  The Gateway Enclave and walk the Evergreen wheel with me. I will lead you into profound levels of awakening through wisdom and activations. All held within the playground of my Inner Sanctum.


Here, stories come alive, imagination and possibility are ignited, the joy of a new experience each time you immerse. Life has become too serious, let’s lighten up in all senses of the word. You cannot get an experience “wrong”, it’s all about how you relate to the journey.


Using human design and Gene Keys as a basis for exploration, it matters not if you have never heard of them or are a seasoned guru. 64 portals each year help provide the lenses through which to look at yourself more fully. Enable a conscious choice of change in how you live, creating your life as art.


Embody your DNA Blueprint


My gift is to bring each one alive, relevant, and real. To have you embody the frequencies of the gifts through powerful stimulations. Activating the Gene Keys. Knowledge is nothing without living it. Move out of theory and labels, into owning your potential. Allow your inner child to come play in the arena of magic, to FEEL it come alive.


This is NOT a space to learn the intricacies or practicalities of the tools, it is a place to embody the frequency of wisdom. To give you the visceral experience of what it is to be in your gift, to bring to life your connection to the frequency, going beyond concepts.


Start working with quantum energies to experience transmutation in the now. We are on a new timeline, the slow path to linear healing no longer cuts it.

What you will receive when you join The Gateway Enclave:


*Personalised human design, astrological and Gene Keys reports, to provide your initial blueprint

*Videos on my philosophies and basic principles of these powerful tools

*Resources for further learning, Checklists and Cheat Sheets for quick reference to the essentials

* Access to the private Facebook group for the Enclave, a gathering space for sharing experiences and growing awareness. A place with no judgment, there is no “right or wrong”, or they are “further along than me”.

*The joy and thrill of allowing a new taste of life to permeate, looking through a new window not previously explored.




*A 90-minute live stream each month with me for more in-depth cosmic consciousness around Astrology and Keys for the month. For 2024, this will be based on the free introductory courses I publish on Insight Timer.

* Every five to six days, you will receive media describing The Gateway and energies at play, a concise visual to help you quickly embrace the principles of each. Accompanying this will be The Gateway Activation Meditation audio, taking you on a journey of energetic encoding – playing and feeling the new frequencies.

* Each gateway will have its own thread within the Facebook group, open for discussion.

*Ideas are percolating and evolving as we speak for what will be included and its format, allowing for organic growth.


Expand within the Enclave


This space is one of exploration, opening of awareness, and accountability. Stepping up to own more of your potential each and every day. The Theatre of Art allows for complete self-expression, painting the picture of your own life, your way.


A place to ponder, to immerse in visuals and imagination, to give you all the feels. Gain a new sense of aliveness and possibility growing stronger every day.


I’m calling in a gathering of kindred souls open to the new, eternally curious, ever-growing consciousness. Who long to be in a space clear of BS & victim mentality. Not interested in long drawn-out conversations, who love precision, insight and activation. Those committed to walking the path through their truth.


If this is you, step over the threshold through The Gateway Enclave and set the energetic tone for the year ahead, it is time to stop paying lip service to who you would like to be. Claim your inner authority and deepest self-expression.



The monthly cycle follows the astrological wheel, moving into the next month around 21-23rd of each month. Each month you are a member, you will receive all recordings to keep.


The Livestreams will be held in the last week of the month to allow time for you to listen and process the Insight Timer Course.

Upcoming dates:
26 March 2024 Tues 9.30pm ET, 6.30pm PT
29 April 2024    Mon  9.30pm ET, 6.30pm PT
26 May 2024      Mon 9am ET, 6am PT, 2pm GMT
25 June 2024     Wed  9am ET, 6am PT, 2pm GMT
29 July 2024      Tues 9am ET, 6am PT, 2pm GMT
28 Aug 2024        Wed 9.30pm ET, 6.30pm PT

All calls recorded and distributed within 2 hours of call.


You can join at any time and stay for as long as you want, there is no end date (I simply require 7 days’ notice before payment by the 15th of the month to leave). I highly encourage you to consider walking the wheel with me for the year to receive the full integration of the whole.


As soon as your subscription has been set up, you will receive your personalised reports within 48 hours, and access to the exclusive Facebook group will be given. (it is not essential that you join this if you have an aversion to social media, you still get full access to all recordings).


Watch Josephine share with Beth her Activation Codes and Blueprint Flow Statement:

Your investment to unlock The Gateway Enclave (USD$):


Monthly membership $297

Quarterly membership $ 877 (save $14)

Annual membership $3497 (save $67)


(please contact Josephine for Au and GB rates and payment details)


BONUS 1: once you have been part of The Gateway Enclave for three months (or paid upfront), you will receive a coupon for $500 off the Enigma Initiation. Ready for you to use if and when you are called for deeper immersion 1-1.


BONUS 2: if you pay in full for the year (you will have access to previous months), I will gift you a 60-minute 1-1 session with me to establish and activate your intentions for the year. Contact me directly (or DM me) to take advantage of the annual membership, which includes the 12 Zodiac signs & gates from March 24 – March 25.

Say YES to the All of You


There will be other offerings through the year exclusive to members of The Gateway, open to new and previous clients, giving you the opportunity to explore this work more deeply on a personal level.


Walking the Wheel in 2023 was a profound experience as the facilitator and witnessing so much growth as well as for the participants. All but one members are returning to Walk the Wheel again with me. It is THAT transformational.


Let us open The Gateway to new horizons together. The vista is exponential when in the powerful resonance of potential and love. For self, for humanity.

josephine sorciere

Here’s what some of the participants have said within the first week:


“I’m loving doing this work.  I know that in every level of owning my discomfort it can only mean another layer of enlightenment” Ali


“Totally felt like a month in a week we are def getting our $ worth!  I’ve enjoyed this so much so far. I both got really deep into this & heavily procrastinated at times. I love how open & vulnerable I’m becoming. It’s helping me with my desire to be seen.” Jamie


“I listened to both activations, more than once last night, it truly was awakening. …feeling fresh, ready to turn on my observer and see what arises throughout the day to be alchemized   “Rachel USA


“This activation was so powerful and I was very aware of this energy/frequency all week….I was also going to add that I love the IDEA of the sleep time awakening, but I do find Josephine’s activations/recordings in general so activating that I felt very awake during and after” Breanna


“Love the activation! I was twitching & recalibrating. I didn’t realize how much I had to release and claim back.” Sarah


“All about new experiences, right? So far there are sufficient fun ‘gotcha’ points. I liked the planet detail cheat sheet. I like the recordings and so far it’s pretty fun to do the gateway review work.”  Erica