Discover and embody your Activation Sequence, the four Primary Gifts of your Gene Keys, based on your birth data. Spend time with each through a  Deep Dive. You will get to know your:


*Life’s Work – what you are here to do,
*Evolution Sphere – what you are here to learn,
*Radiance Sphere – what keeps you healthy
*Purpose – what deeply fulfills you


For each Deep Dive, you will receive:

*a workbook describing the Human Design aspect and Gene Key frequency in a succinct, easily digestible form
*a Consideration for the gate – deep dive questions for you to consider and journal, giving you clarity and ownership of your relationship to the frequencies
* a powerful Activation, transmuting the lower frequencies and encoding a new energetic stance for embodiment. FEEL the upgrade as I take you on a journey through the landscape of the Gene Key.


You will also get Your Gene Keys report, Quantum Natal chart including all gates, advanced Human Design report, the definition of your Incarnation Cross


Your investment for the Birthday Bundle is $197, saving $23


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