Dive into the Gene Keys with a profound wisdom and activation Blueprint Ignition Session. Josephine succinctly shares your blind spots and gifts of your Activation Sequence, the fundamental route to knowing yourself.


Share with her in your session the area of life you feel most puzzled by, the patterns that continue to challenge you and where you truly desire a breakthrough. Josephine will not only lay out your treasure map, she will also guide and activate the deeply hidden Codes of Remembrance within.


The session will bring clarity around how to practically apply the insights in your life for sustainable change. Within the activation, she transmutes your hidden fear and switches back on the potent level of your gifts. Embody the stance of high frequency, opening up new levels of potentiality.


The Blueprint Ignition session is for those who:

*Love knowing and owning who they really are and are here to fulfil their potential

*Like the idea of the Gene Keys but don’t know where to start or what it all means

*Want to apply the wisdom of your Blueprint to your daily life and long- term vision

*Ready to fast-track into the experience of their encoded higher-frequency

*Crave clarity around the blind spots they cannot see and the gifts they have yet to fully embrace

*Ready to contemplate and activate your four foundational Spheres

*Take the fast-track path to higher living and committed to continuous evolvement


Your investment for an hour of deep insight and activation with Josephine is US$360


What’s included :

*60 minutes with Josephine in your Gene Keys Blueprint Ignition session

*Wisdom, insight and activation tailored to transmute your most pressing challenges

*Your Gene Keys report, Quantum Natal chart including all gates, advanced Human Design report, the definition of your Incarnation Cross

*The Deep Dive Considerations & Activation for your four Primary Gifts (find out more here) valued at $220

*Video explaining the basics of Human Design and Gene Keys charts


Opportunities to further work with Josephine will be offered at the end of your session.

These sessions are available for a limited time until early April 2024 (subject to availability around Josephine’s travel schedule after that). Please allow 75 mins to conclude. Book your Blueprint Ignition Session today.